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The Messenger by Denise Lescano (Excerpt)
Copyright Denise Lescano 2010 – All Rights Reserved
Available March 2010
Chapter Twelve: The Great Mystery

As difficult as it is for some people to believe that what I do is real or that life goes on after death and that our loved ones are still around us; it is equally as difficult for me to understand why that is so hard to believe. To me, it is so natural. In every religion we are taught to believe that life continues after death. I am just simply saying that Heaven is not a far away place that is separate from our physical world. It is actually right here – all around us. It just exists on a higher frequency of energy. I try to explain this by telling people that I am much like a dog. Yes, a dog.
Imagine you are sitting on your couch watching TV and your dog is lying there next to you when he jumps up suddenly and runs across the room and begins barking at the door. Because he can hear noises outside the door, he is alerting you that there are people in the street in front of your house. A dog’s ears are much more sensitive to sounds than ours, and they can hear things that we can’t. So, just because we can’t hear the sound outside the front door, does not mean that the neighbors are not outside talking. Your dog hears them clearly, in just the same way that I can hear people on the spirit side. I can simply tune into the different frequencies of energy where our loved ones on the spirit side reside.
I am merely saying that we are all still connected, that the illusion of us being separate is just that – an illusion. This illusion has been perpetuated over thousands of years throughout history through fear and misunderstanding, coupled with the never-ending quest for governments, in concert with religion, to control and manipulate the masses.
As for those scientific thinkers among us, Albert Einstein, a well-respected thinker for his theories on Relativity and how energy works, was a master of understanding the natural laws that govern life on earth. He was one of the pioneers who began to understand some of the natural laws that govern the universe and he taught us that energy cannot be destroyed; it simply transforms and changes form. So like water transforms into steam, when the physical body is worn out and breaks down, the soul is released and transforms back into its natural a state of pure energy – one that is on a higher, faster frequency. Our personalities, memories and knowledge continue on because death is absolutely an illusion and not real. The details that spirits bring through in readings are proof that we have memory, consciousness and personality outside of the body and the brain. We are not our brains, or what’s in our brains. Our brains are simply the computer operating systems that run our bodies and allow us to function and experience life here in the physical world.
Physical death is merely a transformation, like water turning into steam, to a different state of being. Water vapor is still made of hydrogen and oxygen but its density and volume change and in our case, our frequency of energy and density changes. Quantum Physics has proven that all things in the world are made of molecules of energy, which are always moving even in the heaviest and most dense solid objects. We are just bundles of energy and everything is different compositions of energy. Similar to a hermit crab that has outgrown its shell, and moves on to find a new one, our bodies are just our shell. Much like if we were to visit the Moon, they are like a “space suit” that we put on so that we can experience life here in the physical world.
We are actually not invisible in spirit form either. Our pets, small children and animals are very capable of seeing our loved ones in spirit when they pay us a visit. Have you ever noticed your cat or dog acting very strangely after the passing of a loved one? My dog has often jumped up suddenly and began barking at a corner of the room, where to the human eye, it appears to be empty. One night, I watched my grandfather in spirit, take a “virtual” cat toy and play with my very much alive cat. The cat jumped and chased the toy all over my couch for three or four minutes while I and my grandfather in spirit laughed. To anyone else, it would have appeared my cat had quite literally gone insane chasing around and pouncing on an invisible cat toy. But I could see clearly what my cat was chasing and who was playing with him. Often times when a toddler tells you she is playing with Grandpa and he’s passed, she is quite literally playing with Grandpa. It is not her imagination or yours; but it is where we most easily see them – in our imaginations and dreams.


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Copyright Denise Lescano 2009, All Rights Reserved
Available in bookstores early 2010


The following statements are from the three counselors that I have worked with regularly since 2005. Without their willingness to work with me our groundbreaking work together would have never been possible. It is all of our goals and mission to open people’s minds, challenge assumptions and in doing so give people in need of healing and answers some peace and clarity. Each one of them has twenty years of experience in their field of specialty and although people may always question my validity and credibility, no one could ever question theirs. All three have committed their lives and volunteered countless hours tirelessly to helping others. Jane Heady, now retired, facilitated the Grief Support Group for Sudden and Accidental Death and also worked as the Victim’s Advocate for the local State Attorney’s Office while we worked together. Bob Riley facilitates the Suicide Support Group I currently work with and Jerry Eddleman facilitates the Twelve Step Group that I work with. I have also worked over the years with several other grief groups as well as a local chapter of Over Eaters Anonymous.

I have been doing this work long enough to know that everyone wants “proof” that I am real and actually doing what I claim to be doing, so aside from having a reading with me, I hope these statements will suffice as proof that this is indeed a “True Story.”


Jane Heady-
I am retired now, but for 20 years I worked as a Victim Advocate/Grief Counselor for Mothers Against Drunk Driving and a Crisis Center in Southwest Florida. The clients who came to us for help had lost loved ones due to sudden, tragic death, such as suicide, car crashes, over doses, etc. During my years as a grief counselor for the crisis center in Florida, I had heard many “stories” from my clients about their experiences with mediums. I had never personally had occasion to see a medium and was never quite sure if in fact connecting with loved ones who had gone before us was even possible!

When a client told me that a medium they had seen privately, by the name of Denise Lescano, had offered to do group sessions for our crisis center, I was a bit skeptical. But after careful consideration I hesitantly agreed to facilitate the meetings. In the back of my mind I kept telling myself that it was for the good of my clients-it was what they wanted. I had done some research years before on mystical experiences and looking back on my own life experiences I thought that there might be some truth to connecting with those who have gone before us. However, I was not prepared for what was to come.

I remember vividly the first session with Denise. I think that there were 8 people present that night. The day before the meeting I only told her how many were going to attend. She did not know names or the circumstances of the death of their loved ones. I told her NOTHING. When the session began I was immediately blown away by what I was witnessing. I knew that the readings were true connections from beyond, because there was no way she could know any of the things that were being revealed. I knew these facts to be true because these were clients who had been coming to me for individual sessions and we had talked about these things.

There are so many stories I could tell you from all of the sessions, but a few stand out in my mind. I was counseling a grandmother who was raising her 10 year old grandson after his mother was hit by a car while she was walking. During one session his mother came through and said that she was with him always-she said that she was with him in art class that day and told in detail what he was drawing! She described his bedroom, even down to the glow in the dark stars she had put on his ceiling for him before she died. She told him that she tucks him in bed and that she kisses him each night before he goes to sleep. Can you imagine what that meant to that little boy? Then there was the teenage boy who had died of suicide who told his Mom, “I am so happy that you are wearing my necklace.” She stood up and pulled the chain out from her blouse in amazement. No one could even see that she had a necklace on! He went on to tell her that he was safe and no longer in pain. Imagine how that alone helped her to heal. I vividly remember the spirit of a 24 year old man who had died of a drug overdose. He kept telling his brother that he was worried about him and that he could see he was going down the same road. Two years later, I learned that the brother had also died of an overdose. When I called Denise to tell her she said that she knew because both boys had come to her that day when she was at home!!!

Over the next 2 years, faithfully each month, Denise did group readings for the clients of the crisis center. It was a gift beyond words to those who were in great pain. During the sessions, I would try to write down everything that the spirits were saying to their loved ones and many people carried those notes with them everywhere they went!! I saw what a great comfort it was to them and how it helped tremendously with the healing process. Denise had nothing to gain from these sessions, as she volunteered her time. Words can never express what it meant to those who were hurting. Denise Lescano is one in a million and I am privileged to call her friend.

Jane Heady
Grief Counselor/Victim Advocate-retired


Jerry Eddleman-
An ancient Roman philosopher, Lucius Annaeus Seneca, once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” With no forethought of my own, my earlier life experiences had prepared me for an opportunity that appeared a few years ago when I met Denise Lescano. Although she says that she never had a penchant for drugs or alcohol in excess, such is not the case with many of us. According to a recent study conducted by the National Institutes of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 8.5 percent of adults in the United States meet the criteria for alcoholism, and another 2 percent meet the criteria for drug addiction. In other words, at least one in every ten Americans has a serious problem with drugs or alcohol. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), five million U.S. citizens attended self-help meetings for drug and alcohol related issues and about one-third of those people also attended some form of inpatient or outpatient treatment last year. When considering the impact that alcoholism and drug addiction have on family members, co-workers, neighbors, employers, and health care providers, almost no one escapes completely unscathed. Clearly, these are problems of universal proportions that are affecting the entire human race.
The disease of alcoholism took me on a twenty-two year roller coaster ride from my early teens through my early thirties and left a trail of wreckage that has taken decades to repair. For the past twenty years I have worked diligently, as a layperson, to be of some helpful service to others who are struggling to overcome their addictions. Ever since we began to recognize alcoholism and addictions as treatable illnesses, we’ve made great strides in the areas of medicine, science, and psychology that have contributed significantly to the rehabilitation of millions of people. However, even the most advanced therapies can only go so far, and, in spite of our best efforts, long-term recovery rates are abysmally small.

Successful rehabilitation takes place at physical, mental, and psychological levels. But, we often fail to address another vital aspect of recovery. The critical missing element is “spiritual.” The eminent Swiss psychiatrist, Dr. Carl Jung, wrote:
You see, “alcohol” in Latin is “spiritus” and you use the same word for the highest
Religious experience as well as for the most depraving poison. The helpful formula
therefore is: spiritus contra spiritum.

Experience with the realm of the spirit may be essential to the process of overcoming addictions. Recovery from alcoholism and other addictive disorders is a complex, dynamic process, and in this effort we should not hesitate to use every available tool. Therefore, when I became aware that Denise Lescano was interested in using her psychic gifts to help people to more fully recover from drug addiction and alcoholism, I contacted several friends, and we began to work with her. Our early efforts in recovery were a necessary preparation for what we later learned from Denise. She brought us important messages from “the other side” of life, and we connected to spirit guides who helped us to focus on areas that we needed to work on. For some, it was about healing past trauma or getting honest about current life situations or challenges. She told others about the precise things they needed to do to take better care of their health through dietary and exercise changes. Denise painstakingly addressed each person’s particular recovery needs.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of people in recovery, and I have learned firsthand what the attrition rates are like. A full fifty percent of those making an initial attempt at sobriety will not still be sober ninety days later, and many more drop by the wayside over the next few months. By the end of the first year, with perhaps a single exception, every graduate of a twenty-eight day treatment program will have relapsed. I know because I was such an exception, and twenty years later the statistics have not improved. Most people simply do not recover, and those of us who do remain abstinent continue to defy the odds on a day-to-day basis.

Initially, I contacted about a dozen men and women that I knew in recovery to see who might be willing to participate in “gallery” type readings with Denise. Interestingly, none of my male friends have thus far been willing (I expect that to change shortly). However, eight women have volunteered to come at various times. Some have visited with Denise on two or more occasions, and some only attended a single session. They represented various lengths of sobriety ranging from six months to over thirty years, with an average of nine to ten years of recovery. Seven of the eight have remained continuously clean and sober during this two year period, and one who relapsed on pain medication is now back in recovery. Do I think that Denise’s talent for bringing information through from the spirit side of life was totally responsible for this statistical miracle? No, not totally, there were many other factors to consider. However, I am entirely satisfied that the information presented to each individual contributed significantly to their self-awareness and gave them additional insights and tools to assist them and enhance the quality of their recoveries. Typically, Denise would offer certain knowledge that “validated” the information being received. For example, she provided C.H. with insights that assured her that she was indeed in contact with her deceased husband. Once that was accomplished, she was given information that was specifically addressed to her, such as the fact that the co-dependency and enabling patterns that she was experiencing with her stepson were mirroring the same issues that she had previously encountered with her late husband, and, if she didn’t get a handle on those issues, they could possibly lead her into relapse. He also assured her that he would be assisting her from spirit and that it would be essential for her to stay closely involved with her recovery groups if she was to remain sober. Finally, he tried to encourage her to not give up “before the miracle happens.” Similarly, Denise gave C.O. validating information from her deceased mother regarding the rabbits her mother had given to her when she was still in the physical body. Once the validation was accepted, her mother went on to discuss a life-threatening illness that C.O. was battling. Her mother told her that the cancer she was currently receiving treatment for was a big part of the cleansing and purging processes that were necessary for her to be able to release her addictions, and other issues, in this lifetime. M.L.’s maternal grandmother discussed with her the details of the recent traumatic break-up of a romantic relationship and then talked specifically about her recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Her grandmother assured her that she had successfully overcome the larger issues of her addictive behaviors and that all that would be necessary for her to maintain her sobriety would be for her to “stick with the program.”

Denise brought forth specific validating information for each individual in attempts to enhance their recovery efforts. Not once did she offer generic platitudes or repeat information from one person to the next. She provided each person with exactly what they specifically needed to hear that would be of maximum benefit to them as individuals. This was the most therapeutic “counseling” that I have ever witnessed. There was catharsis, healing, and hope for everyone who joined us in these sessions.

Undoubtedly, some will dismiss the possibility of this kind of spiritual assistance; if I hadn’t seen it and benefited from it personally, I might have been one of them. But, to those who may be open to it, I see this as pioneering work with the possibility of greatly enhancing our understanding of the root causes and conditions surrounding the diseases of addiction. It may also increase the probability of many additional recoveries from destructive habits and disorders. No one has ever attempted to use spirit communication to enhance recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction before, and it is exciting to witness these ground-breaking discoveries in rehabilitation. A friend of mine likes to say, “The mind is like a parachute in that it only works when it’s open.” To that I would add Joseph Dunninger’s comment that: “For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, no explanation will suffice.” I consider myself fortunate indeed to be able to share this unique opportunity with someone that, unbeknownst to me, I was previously prepared to work with.

Very truly yours,

Jerry D. Eddleman
Founder and President
The Serenity Club of Naples, Twelve Step Groups


Bob Riley-
It has been said that all of life is our teacher and we are forever in a classroom. That makes so much sense as we definitely are on a journey in each of our lives. Along the way, my travels crossed paths with a very caring, compassionate and intuitive woman name Denise Lescano. A psychic medium with incredible talents and abilities, she has continuously shown this grief and life coach what a professional medium is about. Over the last 5 years, Denise has demonstrated to me what character, integrity, respect, compassion and sincerity is with a medium who genuinely owns these accolades. I was very honored to have been given this opportunity to describe Denise and her wonderful talents to you.

Being a professional coach who works with people in helping to build their life and assist ones in grief, my focus is on having a no nonsense approach. This is exactly what had impressed me so much about the work Denise does. My observations over the years have been one of absolute pinpoint accuracy she brings to her clients. I have sat with many, many clients through these past 5 years and the work Denise has done with our survivors group is that of “par excel lance”. I have been involved with co-facilitating a survivors group for individuals who have lost someone to suicide. We have been meeting weekly for close to 23 years presently and Denise’s contribution to our members grief walk is beyond compare and unparalleled.

Denise has been tested professionally for being legitimate, which has been very important to her work and reputation. The effects and results generated from her work, that I have observed, are indeed quite phenomenal. I know too well the stories and heartaches our members live with. Denise is never made aware of any knowledge about who she reads for. When she confronts them with factual truth, they know in that moment she has delivered very succinct, personalized information which comes from spirit. Denise has what she refers to as “spiritual integrity” which is giving the clients exactly what spirit is sending without being filtered. I have myself experienced a personal reading with Denise and she was right on the mark. To the skeptics, I say you have the absolute right to your opinion. It is unfortunate with that outlook you will never experience the quality of a connection with a loved one’s spirit that Denise provides.

The lives of our members have been so enriched and nurtured as a result of Denise’s readings. They have discovered very essential information that was lacking since the death of their loved one. So much peace, closure and resolve have been given to so many of our clients. Some messages deal with future events for people to grow into and yet a number of times spirit will bring through situations and information which has taken place, well after the time of their death.

One isolated reading we had was with a son, on the other side, doing his best to persuade his mom that this is real and true by describing his grandmother’s suicide attempt. He described her lying on a bathroom floor, in a pool of blood, due to cutting her wrists. He was working real hard, as was Denise, to convince his mother, in the moment, he and grandma were there wanting to connect with her.   It took her some time to remember the incident, but when she finally did it provided the proof that she needed that the experience was real and was the catalyst which caused a sudden breakthrough in her healing process.

So many lives have been given the glow of satisfaction, validation, love, kinship, awareness and overall spiritual guidance through the genuineness of Denise’s psychic expertise. She is superb, the real deal and believe when I tell you, I willingly place my lifelong reputation on the line in validating her true psychic abilities, since ever first experiencing her reading of spirits.
I would like to present to you her story about the trials and tribulations of a psychic’s life journey. I am both humbled and proud to call this fine, talented, gifted and genuine person, psychic medium Denise Lescano, my dear friend.

Bob Riley
Professional Grief and Life Coach
Facilitator of the Group “SAS” -Surviving After Suicide

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Excerpt from the New Book by Denise Lescano, Copyright Denise Lescano 2009 – All Rights Reserved
Soon to be published and released

Chapter 13: Ghost of Boyfriend Past

I think most of us have that one person, that one heartbreak that we think we will never get over. The one we never forget and always wonder what if? What if we met at another time, or another place or in another situation? We all have that person that we wonder about over the years, if they ever married, where they are and how their life has turned out? At first, after the break up, we try dating other people hoping that they will distract us long enough that we will finally forget about the one that we really love. We hope that if we fall in love with another we will stop loving the one we lost. We convince ourselves that we are better off with out them and remind ourselves of all the things about them that were wrong for us. We try over and over to deny the truth that lies in our heart that we are still deeply in love with that person and we try our hardest to put our best foot forward anyway and keep just moving forward one day at a time. Time goes by, years go by, and eventually we do begin to forget about them and for the most part we pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and move on with our lives. Until one day, we bump in to them, or an old friend and we are reminded once again of the mark they left on our heart and the impression they left on our soul. We forget the horrible break up, the nasty things that were said that we couldn’t take back, all the mistakes we made when we were younger and inexperienced and we reminisce about the good times and the happy moments when we were in love. We begin to realize that tied in with these old memories are old feelings that are reignited through the emotional resonance of memory. Like taking a roller coaster ride through the past, our emotions are eclipsed by our memories reminding us of those ancient scars, badly healed wounds and secret list of grudges we keep. They are often the moment and emotions still in need of letting go and of forgiveness. Some times the forgiveness is for the other and other times it is for our selves for the mistakes that we or they made on our journey together. As it seems, I had just “bumped in to an old friend” Nick, and the rollercoaster ride had begun. The person that I had spent a lifetime trying to forget and leave behind was suddenly as intimately connected to my life now as he once was 20 years ago.

Spirits have taught me through readings that there is no such thing as failure in a relationship. We learn some of our most valuable lessons through our relationships. We are each others teachers. They remind me as they come through in readings, that we are not victims here we are volunteers and we all choose to participate in our relationship experiences regardless of their outcome. We choose our most significant partners before we are ever born in to this life and we choose each other full well knowing the issues we are both coming together to work on. “Fate” and “Synchronicity” coordinate the timing of our meeting in this lifetime, but believe me there is no chance in who and how we meet one another. We set it all up in advance as part of our plan. Although we arrange our meetings and coming together, we do not necessarily write our outcomes in advance. Much of our outcomes depend on how well we learn our lessons together, if we learn them at the same pace and if we both continue to participate in the class we are taking with one another. Sometimes one of us gets lost, sometimes both of us do. We stumble or we get off track and maybe we even decide to quit the class all together or just graduate to the next level and so we split up. Some times we are not meant to be each others one and only and we were only supposed to meet for a period of time and move on. So, whether we come together for a lifetime, a few months or a few years, all of our relationships are equally important as they are all part of our lesson plan. I also know that we all reincarnate over and over and that we have most likely been through many lifetimes together with our most significant partners working on these issues. In most cases this isn’t our first lifetime together and not likely to be our last either.

The real problems come in for us when we don’t learn or grow from our relationship experiences and we stubbornly stumble along in our unconscious oblivion repeating the same destructive relationship patterns over and over. We keep changing all the players, but are stuck playing the same old game over and over. This is when we begin to feel like the victim, and while stuck in the role of the victim, we don’t realize that all along it has been us who needs to change and grow. So, we keep looking for Mr or Mrs Right thinking that when we find the right one, that special one we will finally be happy in love and in life. Wrong! We have many possible Mr and Mrs Rights and when they don’t work out it is because we are either finished learning from each other what we came together to learn, or that one is growing faster than the other or perhaps we are stuck in some old or dysfunctional pattern. We need to either examine the types of people we are attracted to and why, how we are behaving or what our expectations are in a partner. It is most often us who is looking for all the wrong things in our partner, full of unrealistic or misguided expectations we are quick to point out what is wrong with the other instead of realizing that they are our mirrors, shining back to us what we need to work on about our self.

Well, even with all that being said, it certainly does not lessen the pain of heartbreak and a love that is lost. There is no greater pain than the love that is lost whether it is through a break up or by death. The thing is though, Love is never really lost. Once we are connected by love, no matter what happens in life or after death we will always be connected by that love. It is literally like a cord of light that connects our heart to another’s in eternity and from this side to the other. I have done readings for people that have been married three or four times and will invariable have a first husband come in to a reading from a brief and young marriage. A 65 year old woman who has been married several times will be surprised that this first husband now passed will come in to her reading to say hello. I will explain to her that once we are linked by love we are always linked, love is the karmic tie that keeps us together working things out, from this lifetime to the next. There is nothing stronger than the bond of love, not even hate can break the bonds of love, not really. Because even relationships that became estranged in life, where people have disconnected completely and are no longer speaking, will reconnect again after death to sort things out and get closure and finish what they came to do together. Have you noticed that some of our most difficult relationships exist within our family of origin, with our parents and our siblings? That is because those family ties of Love are the hardest to sever. They keep us together in the most difficult of circumstances trying to work through our issues. We choose to be in relationships with difficult people in our families because we know that we would never work that hard for anyone else in our lives and we also know that they have something very important to teach us. Sometimes they teach us by showing us what to do and sometimes they teach us by showing what not to do first. If it were not for the fact that they are our parent or a child for example, we would be much more likely to throw in the towel and walk away.

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Copyright Denise Lescano, 2009

The intuitve abilities that I have access to, are abilites that we all posses to some degree, or atleast have a potential to access.   As with any other natural talent or ability acsessing these senses are very natural for some and more difficult for others.  However, with a little training, discipline and an open mind I can teach any one how to tap in to their own intuitve sensibilites if they are willing. 

 **I will be offering an interactive-internet webinar Intuitive Development class in February, which will teach the techniques I am about to discuss in this blog, and also offer the opportunity to develop your own abilities by practicing exercise with others in the class.  Please sign up for my Email Newsletter on the right side column of this web site, for more information tba soon.

 The first thing to keep in mind when trying to connect with “The Spirit Side of Life”, is to remember that the spirit world is a very soft and subtle energy which speaks to us in “whispers” compared to the physical world.   Imagine standing in the middle of a crowded stadium, with lots of noise, activity and other people around you, and then imagine your loved one on the sprit side sitting next to you whispering in to your ear.  That is exactly what trying to hear spirits is like while living in the physical world.

 So in order to hear them, we must first quiet the noise around us and within us.  We must become quiet, calm and centered from the inside out to be able to “tune in” to that very subtle frequency of energy where the spirit world exisits.

So how do we do that?  Let’s begin by first preparing the space around you.  First “Turn off the noise!”.  Do you ever take a moment to just stop and be quiet and be still.  Are you able to sit and be still in silence?  Do you know how many people are not able to do that?  Do you always have the TV or the radio on in the back ground…do you find your self uncomfortable in the quiet?  I find that many people do.   Turn off the TV and the radio.   Find a quiet comfortable place in your home or out side if you prefer, that you will not be disturbed.  Dim soft lighting or candle light is condusive to a relaxing attmosphere.  I prefer to have some very soft dreamy music playing in the background, something without vocals.  Something non-intrusive and relaxing is best.  You may also want to consider burning some insense or Sage to raise the vibration of the space, clear out left over energies and also promote a sense of relaxation.   Religious traditons of all faiths have used the burning of incense, plants and resins in their places of prayer and meditation since the beginning of time.

Once you have created a soothing and peaceful space around you, we need to create a soothing and peaceful space within you.  This is usually much more difficult…as life is generally not soothing and peaceful most of the time LOL.    All the more reason why it is so important to intentionally set out to create peace and serenity in your life.  If you wait for it, you will be waiting forever…you must choose to create it.  This is also were “discipline” comes in to play.  In my mind “religion” is very much about disicpline, the discipline of tuning in to the spiritual aspects of life on a regular basis or in a routine, usually for many on Sundays. 

 Now a days, many people are seeking a spiritual connection in their lives, but are looking outside of the traditional structures and disciplines of religion and dogma.   For those of us who are courageous enough to step outside those traditional boundaries and limitations, the spirit world has always told me that it is important for those of us seeking a spiritual connection in our lives, “to find a spiritual practice that suits your temperment and practice it every day.”  In other words, simple as that, you need to make a little time every day, to check in with your self and the spirit world.  If you have the discipline to do this, you will advance in your intuitive and spiritual development.  Like any talent or ability, the more you practice the better you will become at what ever you are trying to accomplish.

So what then is a spirtual practice?  For some of you ,that may mean participating in a more structured belief system or ritual which is rooted in religious doctrine.  For others, it may be as simple as spending a few minutes a day in meditation or prayer.  

It is first, important to clarify the difference between meditation and prayer, which is subtle, but in my mind distinct.  In Prayer – “we speak, we ask, we proclaim, we repeat verses, we express our thanks, our sorrow, our wants and our needs.” to god or the universe,  however, we percieve that higher source…but basically we “Project thought and intention.”  In meditation we do the opposite, “we become quiet, we empty the mind of thoughts, and the body of feelings, we release all expectations and intentions, we release the past and let go of the future, we become still, and in the moment,  and we become receptive and open to receive.  This is very important to understand.  It is the difference between to project and receive, we cannot do both at once.  We must be receptive and open to receive, to percieve any information or contact from the spirit world whether it is a loved one or a guide.

 To be open to receive means you must let go of preconceived ideas, expectations and most importantly judgements.  If you are in a conversations with a friend, and if you are both talking at the same time, you will not hear the other.  You cannot talk or project, and listen or receive, at the same time. 

 So, that brings us to the next step which is to spend time in meditation.    I always meditate before working.  There are days when I can do a quick 10 minute meditation and be ready to go to work, there are other more stressful days, where I may need 30 minutes to be ready to go.    When I first started reading for clients, I would often spend up to an hour to get in to the quiet space I needed to be to hear the whispers of spirit.   But,  as with anything, the more you practice the easier it gets. 

I will be teaching a very good 20 minute guided mediation in the upcoming class.  I will also be offering the meditation very soon on CD.  There are many ways to do meditation which I do not have space to go in to here, but if you look around you will find many recorded guided mediations to follow while you are learning.  I find it is best to follow the same meditation over and over for awhile until you really get the hang of it. 

 Once you have prepared your space and yourself you are ready to begin.  We all receive intuitive information differently.  Some of us will “hear” spirit (our guides or loved ones in spirit) speaking to us in our thoughts, telepathically;  While some of us will “see” them in our mind with our eyes closed, and others will just have a sense of them around or a sense of “knowing”.  Be open to receive however the spirit world and your own intuitive abilites present themselves to you.  You do not have to “see” your guide or loved one to know they are there.

I always start all work with spirit, in an attitude of gratitude.  They have lives on the spirit side and are busy too, so invite them to come visit you and thank them in advance for coming.  I also always start with a very simple prayer or mantra that sets the intention for “who” and whay types of spirits I would like to invite in to my space.  I repeat “Let nothing but love enter this place, let nothing but love emerge in this space.”  Then I ask a loved one on the spirit side, my grandfather, to guard the gateway (from this world to the spirit world) so that the only spirits who are allowed in to my space are coming from a place of love and with the intention of love for me and anyone I may be working with that day.  You may also ask for the protection of Jesus, saints, angels of god or any other religious figure that you identify with, to surround you in the energy of light, love and protection.

 You may speak out loud or in your mind, but begin by asking questions.  Try different approaches and be open, really open, to see the signs that they give you.  For some of you you may hear them answer you right there, some of you may see your guide or loved one.  You may also find that if you ask for some kind of sign from a loved one or guide, that it may show up some where unexpected days later.  Begin a dialogue with your guides and loved ones, they can hear you.  Even if you do not hear or see them, talk to them anyway and sooner or later you may hear and see them too.

 For those of you serious about “making contact” I urge you to sign up for the upcoming internet class.   It will be a live and interactive class, and their is nothing like this available out there anywhere.  It will be an 8 week class and by the end you will be astounded by what you discover you are able to do. 

 **Again, sign up for my E-Newsletter on this web site for more information on the class which will be scheduled and released soon.

with light and blessings,


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Contacting Your Spirit Guides and Loved One’s on the Spirit Side

Copyright Denise Lescano, 2008

In my work, there are a few questions that people continually ask me.  Do we all have Spirit Guides?  How do we contact them?  Can anyone do what I do as a Medium, and contact people on the Spirit Side? 

So, I am going to answer these questions and also explain how YOU can learn to connect with the spiritual realm in next week’s Blog.

First off, yes we ALL have spirit guides who help us and guide us in our lives here on the earth plane.  You will find many books on this subject, and which all will give you conflicting information about Spirit Guides.  I have one book that I read that stated that we all have a certain number of guides-7 for example,  and even goes on to name and describe each guide and it’s duties. 

I am going to tell you from my true and direct experience with the spirit world what they tell me about our spirit guides.  First of all, to my knowledge there is not a set number of spirit guides assigned to all people.  We all have different numbers of spirit guides at different times of our lives.  Here is how it works.  We do ALL have One Main spirit guide, who is with us from our birth to death.  This guides primary responsibility to us is to try and keep us on track with our particular life plan, or our purpose for coming in to this incarnation.  This guide works with us through many many lifetimes and even while we are residing on the spirit side of life and in between physical lives.  This guide in some cases, may have lived a physical exsitence at one time, but also may not have ever incarnated in to human form at all.  This guide is not a family member or loved one, this guide is like a teacher and guidance counselor all rolled in to one.  This Main guide helps you determine what “lessons” you will be taking while here “at school” to complete your individual “souls spiritual education.”  This main guide is also responsible for arranging from behind the scenes, the circumstances of your life.  They are responsible for the timing of events in your life, and bringing in the opportunities and obstacles that you will be presented with while here.  They help to guide you on your path by creating syncronicities (perceived coincidences), giving you signs, putting thoughts in your head and impressing you with feelings.  They also make the “connections” that put you in contact with other people in your life that you are learning or will be working with. 

There are also other guides.  Sometimes we have guides who are “specialists” who are brought in by your Main guide to help you at specific times in your life for specific things.  Say for example, you are starting a business and need some help getting started.  A Specialist guide may be brought in who had a similar business in a former physical life to help you.  They may impress a great idea in your mind or a hunch, for example.  Then of course, our loved ones as they pass over, will serve in the capacity of a guide and protector to us, as well.  Your Lifetime-Main guide how ever runs the show and is in charge of facilitating help and guidance from all the other spiritual guides.

I want to clarify a few things about “how” our guides help and guide us.  It is NOT the responsibility of our guides to give us every thing we want or keep us out of or away from difficult experiences.  Everything happens for a reason and a purpose and there are no “accidents.”  Spirit guides are there to guide us on our life path, that we sat down and determined before we were ever born.  It is important to realize that we ARE NOT Victim’s here – we ARE volunteersThey cannot and will not, give you all the answers or even guide you away from a painful or difficult experience if the experience is part of the life plan that you set up and necessary for your spiritual development.  It took me awhile to figure this one out!  I’m going to give you an example.  If it is important for your personal growth to go through a difficult relationship situation, your guide will not stear you away from that person.  They may actually guide you to them, not to necessarily cause you to experience pain, but to help you learn something important about yourself through that other person.  We are all here to learn and EVERY relationship is an opportunity to grow and learn.  Unfortunately, some times we are slow learners or a little stubborn and have to learn the hard way.  The important thing to keep in mind, even in the case of a failed relationship, is to reflect on what went wrong and learn from it.  Don’t obsess, don’t dwell or sink in to self pitty over a broken heart, just learn so that you do not need to experience the same type of relationship again.  If you find your self repeating the same scenarios over and over, with differnt people but always acting out the same old story, then you are missing some thing very important that you are not learning.  You will come to see that once you have gotten the lesson, there is no more need to repeat the painful experience.

Your Guides and Loved One’s will help you to make the best choices.  Pain is not necessarily part of our plan and often times can be easily avoided by making the best choice.  We many times experience pain due to making poor choices when presented with the opportunites or obstacles in our lives.  We some times experience pain because our pesrpective is tainted; or we may have a strong attachment to something we want or to a particular outcome; we may be too wrapped up in our ego (earthly) identity; or we may simply have an unrealistic perception or expectation of another person or event and as a result we set ourselves up for disappointment to follow.  Then of course, there are those “random” (which are not really random) events that are thrown at us in life and catch us by surprise, such as the sudden passing of a loved one.  Try to remember that even the most painful experiences, can be transformed in to a positive learning and growing experience for your self or others.

So as you learn to connect with your own spiritual guides and ask for their help, please keep these things in in mind.  Guides can and will intervene in the physical world if needed.  If it is not time for some one to die, they may actually divert a traffic accident, as a very close call.  They can also intervene and create very positive, unforseen opportunites if that is what your life path calls for at that time. Believe me when I tell you, that some times when we don’t get what we want, it is often a blessing in disquise.  It is important to learn to Trust your guides.  They can see in to our future what we cannot.  You may have your heart set on a particular person only to find that the relationship ends suddenly and you are devastated.  However, what you are not able see in that moment, is that their is someone else waiting for you down the road a bit who will be much more suited for you.  Your guides will know that, so ask them to guide you “on your highest possible path” and trust their guidance.  Try as hard as you can, to be open and not have a strong attahment to a very specific outcome.  Many times our Guides are working very hard to help us manifest the things we really want in our life, and then we are thrown off when the help shows up,  but in a different packaging or form than we expected. 

You also have to realize you cannot be a control-freak and work with your guides!  It also took me awhile to figure this one out- LOL   If you ask your Guides for help with something specific in your life,  it is important to step back, get out of the way and let them help.  Many times we get in their way trying to control and manipualte everything.  State what you need or want and then Let it go…and Trust!!!!  The opposite of Trust is Fear.  When we fear, we try to control and manipulate because we are afraid of what the outcome will be if we don’t take control.  Trust and Fear are opposing energies and cannot work together.  You have to choose Trust over Fear.  If you are feeling fear, choose to trust your guides anyway.  I have never had a time in my life where I asked for help that I did not get it.  A few times I almost missed it, because I was looking for help in the wrong place or pushing for an outcome that was not in my best long term interest.  However, I have learned that if sometihing does not go the way I want, there is a reason why and I trust spirit in guiding my life becasue they can see what I cannot. 

We all have the ability to connect and communicate with the spiritual world.  Your guides can hear you, even if you cannot hear or see them.  Talk to them in your meditations or prayers, they are God’s helpers.  Ask for their help and be open and receptive to receive it.  Try not to ask for a very specific scenario or outcome, but leave things open for flexibility.  Here is an example of what I mean.   A very important love relationship has suddenly ended.  I know the immediate impulse is to always ask your guides to bring that person back.  However, maybe they are not the greatest person for you, even if you do love them.  So instead, try asking your guides to bring in to your life someone who will give you a loving and fullfilling relationship and the relationship you really are looking for.  If that person is the one you just broke up with, they will come back to you.  If they are not, then spirit will bring in some one new to fullfill what you are asking for if you create that opening.  Be careful what you ask for, you may actually get it!  Then you may find yourself asking what was I thinking when I asked for this ?!  Ask spirit to help you manifiest the highest possible outcome for your greatest good, in what ever you desire in your life, but leave room for flexibility, you have to be open to receive.

Our Guides and loved ones communicate with all of us, all the time, in many ways.  They are always leaving signs for us, the challenge is learning the language in which they “speak” to us and learning how to listen.  In a physical world that is constantly shouting at us, the stimulation level is high and never ending, you must realize that the spirit world is whispering.  You have to quiet your surroundings and the chatter in your mind first, if you are going to hear their whispers.   In Next week’s Blog, I am going to explain to you how to see the signs, how to quiet your mind and how to listen and perceive the spiritual world and connect with it.  So stay tuned for Next Weeks episode of “Talking to the spirit side of Life!”

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Copyright, Denise Lescano 2008 



 Ghosts or Earthbound Spirits

“Earthbound Spirits” are a complicated subject.   A “haunting” as defined by Webster’s; ‘reoccurring visits from a ghost or spirit’.  In understanding earthbound spirits, it helps to remember that spirits who inhabit earthbound locations are basically “unstable people” who have left their physical body and are now in “spirit” form.  In my experience, these spirits are never “evil”, but more than likely are confused  and existing in a state of mental, emotional and/or spiritual imbalance, and as was usually the case, also while they were here in their physical life.  In my extensive experience as a professional Medium working with families who have lost loved ones by murder, suicide, domestic violence and accidental overdoses, I have encountered a lot of unstable and distraught spirits.  Many of these “earthbound” spirits are existing in a state of fear and misunderstanding.  They can be afraid to cross over in to the spirit realms for fear of judgment or that they will go to “hell” especially, if they have taken actions in their physical life that resulted in hurting others or even suicide, for example.  Many of these spirits have left unfinished business with the living who they are often times desperate to communicate with and get through too.  In their sometimes desperate attempts to connect with us, they be mistakenly perceived as malevolent but in my experience have no ill will or intention to scare us.


Let me be clear, that seeing a loved one around you does not necessarily mean that they are earthbound.  A loved one, who has crossed over in to the spirit realm, can “visit” us at any time.  The majority of spirits that I communicate with in a “Reading” have already crossed over in to the spirit realms.  I would estimate a very small amount, of maybe 3%, are actually in an earthbound state.  Some spirits will remain earthbound for a short period of time, before crossing over to the spirit realms.  Some spirits will cross over immediately after leaving the physical body.  There are also many places, widely known to be “haunted” which are frequented by rather friendly and harmless spirits, as well.


When people speak of a “Haunting”, they are most commonly referring to malevolent spirits of a very low vibrational energy and spiritual awareness.  These spirit experiences are many times random in the fact that the spirits have no personal connection to the people that they are “haunting”. These types of spirits may have a distinctly dark, negative or ominous “feeling” when they are around.  **It is important to know that these types of spirit experiences are very rare and not as common as we or Hollywood would like to believe.  Again, I must mention that these spirits are usually ‘mistaken’ to be dark or evil, but are really just existing in a very low level of spiritual awareness or are seriously unbalanced.  Many psychics who are not experienced in dealing with spirits on these lower energy levels, may often times also mistake them, for being bad or evil…which is simply not true. With that being said, when an unstable spirit, or sometimes a group of spirits, chooses to stay earthbound, they may “attach” to a family, a person or a place; such as a house.  When a spirit attaches to a person or a family for example; they may attempt to continue a “shell” of an earthly existence by drawing on the energy of the family in a particular house.  Some spirits if particularly manipulative and controlling may take things even further and try to experience physical life again “through” a person and even influence a person.  Consider the fact that, for example, when a murderer or a child molester dies physically, they are not necessarily locked away in “the gates of hell” so to speak.  These are exactly the types of spirits that some times will hang around the earth plane and “haunt” people and places. They were predators, manipulative and controlling in physical life, and that does not necessarily change when they move on into spirit form.   These types of spirits are attracted to and prey on the weak of heart and mind.  These spirits are often attracted to people on the physical plane who may be struggling with mental illness or addiction; who have suffered abuse or trauma; people who are particularly “fearful” of them because of religious beliefs; and sometimes even children due to their openness, vulnerability and innocence.  They may also be attracted to regular people who are of a lower spiritual awareness and vibrational energy that linger in or hold onto feelings and thoughts of a negative nature (and lower vibration) such as; anger, jealousy, revenge, greed, depression etc.

*In some cases, although much more rare, a haunting may have an energy “presence” which may have never lived an earthly existence.  That is a whole other subject, of which I will not go into here. 


The vast majority of cases of spirits inhabiting a place, like a “haunted house” are harmless.  However,  It is important to keep in mind that, whether a spirit that chooses to stay on the earth plane, is harmless or not, it is not a good idea for them to stay here for many reasons.  It is ultimately better for them and in their best interest to cross over into the spirit realms.   It is also not a good idea to have earthbound spirit energy hanging around a house or hanging around a particular person for a long period of time.  They will eventually drain the energy of the people they are hanging around.  It is also possible for them to affect the moods of the people they are hanging around by impressing feelings of fear, sadness and depression etc onto them.    


It is also important to know that, the majority of people who pass on to spirit form, will find their way over to the spirit realms just fine on their own.  However, occasionally a few will need some help.  I have been very successful in helping unstable or distraught spirits who are still here on the earth plane to cross over to the spirit plane.  With help from my own spirit guides, helpers and loved ones on the spirit side of life, I am usually able to convince them to move on to a better place.  Most of these spirits are confused, sad, and some times angry or feel that they are not yet “ready” to move on for one reason or another.



As a Medium, when I am dealing with an earthbound spirit, I will communicate with the spirit or spirits, find out who they are, why they are there, and help them to understand why they need to move on and how to move on.  I do this much in the same way as a counselor might work with an emotionally unstable patient. I do not do this alone, and enlist the help of many spirits from the highest levels of the spirit realms to come through and help these confused souls move on to where they are supposed to go.   


Contrary to popular belief, this work has to do with helping, healing and counseling those in spirit and nothing to do with “casting them out” “banishing” or “exorcising” them.  My greatest strengths in working with these spirits is humility, respect and compassion for them…I work to help them with understanding and healing much as I do with my “people” clients.  The most difficult and darker spirits who are on a very low level of spiritual awareness, are usually handled by my co-workers on the spirit side.  As I said, I never work alone…I am always working with “my co-workers on the spirit side of life.” 



Please feel free to email me, if you have questions or are unsure if you are dealing with an earthbound spirit or a haunting.  *Please do not email to ask me “how to do this work or how to get rid of a spirit”. It is a very complicated subject and each case is totally unique. There is no simple answer.  Just like a trained professional counselor would not attempt to tell you how to counsel an unstable person, neither can I nor would I tell you how to counsel a spirit.  I am highly trained and extensively experienced in this work and dealing with spirits. I would not suggest that anyone should take this type of work on without really knowing what they are doing.  The spirit realm has a whole list of natural laws that govern it that are very different than the way things work here in the physical plane.  It is important to have a healthy respect for that fact, especially when working with unstable or disturbed spirits.

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By Denise Lescano

Copyright, Denise Lescano 2008


Anger…strong emotion excited by a real or supposed injury; wrath; rage.  Excite to wrath; enrage- Webster’s. 

We do not have to look far to find the expression of anger all around us.  Have you are ever noticed the constant stream of anger that is expressed and pumped into our lives everyday through our Televisions and radios?  We can flip thru a multitude of channels that project a constant stream of angry energy from people who are outraged about everything and anything, arguing about everything and anything…simply for the sake of arguing and being angry!  We are bombarded with anger expressed through violence every minute of every day in the news, TV, movies, music, video games and the world around us.  Anger is one of the most destructive forces on the planet.    It is one of the most powerfully moving and motivating emotions that we feel.  It can also be one of the most toxic and debilitating emotions that we experience as humans, if not expressed in a healthy way and released.  Please understand that I am not suggesting we should never get angry, there is certainly plenty in life to be angry about and rightfully so!  However, I am suggesting that it is important to consciously channel our anger in a healthy way, and at some point, to let it go and release it. 


It seems that in the past few months I have found myself deeply immersed in the study of “Anger.”  Personally, I hate to be angry.  It takes a lot to make me angry and I will not usually stay angry for long.  I am a creative person and I prefer to channel my energy in to the direction of my creativity and the people and activities that I love in my life.  To be angry, uses too much energy and leaves me drained with out the energy I need for the things that I feel passionate about.  However, it is impossible to avoid feeling angry some times living in this world.  We all feel angry; it is an unavoidable part of the human condition. 


You may ask why would a Medium, why would I… be studying anger?  Well first to explain why, it is necessary to tell you about the not so glamorous side of the work of a Medium.  I find that many people think that it would be very exciting and very cool to be able to see and speak to dead people.  To be able to

know things before other people or know things that are going to happen before they do.   It is important to understand however, that many times I am working with those who are deeply grieving and in great pain, who many times have suffered unspeakable and tragic losses.  Anyone who works with grief, or has experienced it first hand, knows that it is very common that after getting over the initial shock of the loss, anger will set in.  In my experience as a Medium, I am probably exposed to more anger than most, through the types of work that I specialize in.  I specialize in working with Grief Support Groups and people who have lost loved ones by sudden death, accidental death and suicide.  I have been involved in this type of work extensively, for the past 4 years.


In these circumstances, I am quite often working with people who have never been to see a Medium before and would never have even considered going to a Medium or Psychic for that matter, prior to the loss of their loved one.  They come to see me because some one has told them that I can help them, that I can give them one last conversation with a loved one lost suddenly, and they come with the hopes that I will be able to answer some of their questions and help them to have closure and peace.  Many of these clients come from traditional religious backgrounds, bringing with them preconceived ideas and misconceptions about death, life after death and God.  It is also not uncommon that some of these people will come to me feeling fearful or skeptical about seeing a Medium.  However, desperate for peace, relief from unbearable pain, and some times guilt…they come to see me anyway.


This type of work for me is very rewarding, as I am fortunate to have an opportunity to help people in a very special, profound and life altering way.  I am always grateful and humbled to be a part of such a truly miraculous process.  Spirit reminds me that the real heroes in this process, the spiritual warriors, are those who choose to wake up every day and try to keep moving forward, one day at a time, to overcome the great loss and tragedy in their lives. 


I must admit however, being only human, that the expectations that people sometimes bring with them to see me, can be a little overwhelming.  It can be a daunting task to deliver very sensitive, personal and some times painful messages to some one who is in such a vulnerable state.  The truth is not always easy to hear.  I am always mindful of that fact when I am working, and do my very best to have compassion and empathy for those that I am working with. 


There are many times that I will encounter a lot of resistance from a client who is not ready to hear a message that I am being asked to deliver.  In spite of the resistance and some times even anger about the message being delivered, I persist, because I know that ALL messages that I receive are for the healing and growth of my client.  I KNOW without a shred of doubt that if spirit is giving me the message, it is always from love, and for the purpose of helping the person that I am delivering it too


So with all of that being said, I do occasionally encounter days that try my soul, and clients that test my patience and compassion.  Those days where I feel damned if I do and damned if I don’t.  If you have had a reading with me, you know that I do not make a career out of telling people “what they want to hear.”  I ethically cannot do that, no matter how much you pay me!  I am spiritually obligated to tell you the truth and I am not allowed to edit the messages given to me by the spirit world.  If spirit gives them to me, I have to give them to you.  This requires that some times I have to deliver a message that I know my client does not want to hear


In stark contrast to our fascination with scary ghost stories, I rarely encounter angry spirits.  I do occasionally encounter angry people, who may be angry during the course of a reading for a number of different reasons.  Some times the person that I am reading for, has unresolved and unexpressed anger with the their loved one who has passed, anger with the person responsible for their loved one’s death or even anger with God.  Some other people seem to just be angry about everything, everyone and life in general.  We have all encountered these people.


In the course of a reading, if a person has unresolved anger with their loved one passed, I may find myself right in the middle of a conflict, acting as a mediator between the person and the spirit.   In one such case, a living wife could not express her anger directly to her husband for his marital infidelities in life, so as I was translating their conversation back and forth, she began yelling at me!  In another reading, I had another woman who was furious with her husband for canceling his life insurance right before he passed.  Talk about angry!  Sometimes I feel more like a marriage counselor or mediator than a Medium!


In a recent reading, I encountered a more serious example of unresolved anger and grief.  A mother had come to see me whose son died of suicide only a few months earlier.  This particular woman was a rather stern, skeptical older woman who came in with a guarded and defensive attitude.  I knew before she came she was going to be difficult to read for, as spirit had already given me a heads up….I had no idea how difficult until I started the reading. 


As I began reading, the woman was very resistant to everything that I said and very reluctant to validate any information that I was giving her.  I quickly began to feel very frustrated working with her.  I proceeded to explain to her that if she would not validate the information I was giving her and be honest with me, I would have to end the reading and send her on her way, something I rarely ever do.  I considered just ending the reading there, however, I knew she had a son passed who died of suicide that was waiting to speak with her, so for her son in spirit…I decided to continue on.  She had given me absolutely no details of why she came to see me or of having a son passed.  I began to tell her I had her son with us, who died of suicide by taking pills and alcohol, as well as, some other details about the circumstances of his death.  The woman validated that what I gave her was correct.  The son was a man in his 30’s when he died with a family of his own.  He began to tell me that he had suffered from mental illness, mild schizophrenia and depression since his teens and that he had begun abusing drugs at a young age in an attempt to cope with his illness.  The reading went on with many messages and very personal details from son to mother.  Midway through the reading, when the son began speaking about his mental health problems, the mother immediately got very angry.   She told me, very abruptly, that she did not want to talk about that anymore.  However, it was very important to her son that his mother really understand and most importantly acknowledge his mental health problems.  I also knew that these issues were very important for the mother to hear and accept, so that she could release feelings of guilt and anger that she had not been addressing at all.  I reminded her that I am only the messenger, translating her son’s words from the spirit world to her.  I tried to explain to her that I am only telling her what her son is asking me to say and that I have to honor his wishes as well.


The mother, who was feeling a great deal of guilt and pain, was also in a very strong and unyielding state of denial about her son’s mental health condition which eventually led to the suicide.  She insisted to me that her son was fine and had no mental health problems and that I was wrong and that I was not really speaking with him.  I was quite certain that I was.   With that, the session quickly went down hill as the mother proceeded to lash out and engage in a personal attack against me, my legitimacy and competency, even so far as demanding her money back. 


Although she came to see me to find out the truth and find some peace, she simply was not ready or able to hear and accept the messages that her son brought through to her.  This had been a huge issue between them in life, as she would never acknowledge his mental health problems while he was alive.  Unfortunately while he was alive she had been embarrassed and ashamed of her son’s illness, especially as he was growing up with her.  So, the only way for the mother to stay in her state of denial was to invalidate the whole experience with me, to attack, my credibility and legitimacy.   She became very nasty and angry and I had to ask her to leave my office. 


I had another similar encounter with a mother who came to see me in a Grief Support group for loss by Suicide whose child died of suicide and was gay.  That mother also was not able to accept that her child was gay, even as he came thru from the spirit side.  She also became angry with me and the reading, insisting that I was not real.  She was embarrassed in the group to admit that her daughter was gay.  These are moments when my job can be very difficult delivering messages that some one just does not want to hear.  These are times in my work that I can be confronted with anger, denial and even hostility.


In closing I would say that if you have a reading with a Medium, it is very important that you be open to any and all messages that are being delivered.  Those messages that may not make sense to you in that moment, or that maybe you do not want to hear, have real significance…they are important or they would not be coming through.  Please do not dismiss or disregard those messages.  Your loved ones in spirit have to work just as hard as I do to bring those messages through, and we need to always remember that all of those messages come from a place of love and concern for us. 


Many of us carry around our own unprocessed and unreleased anger.  I hope that by sharing these experiences and observations that you may be inclined to examine how anger affects your life, whether it is your own anger or the anger of others in your life. 


At the root of all messages that illuminate feelings of unresolved anger, is a message about Forgiveness.  Spirits constantly come through in readings speaking of the importance of Forgiveness in our lives.  Forgiveness is the only way to release feelings of anger which keep us emotionally bonded to people in unhealthy and self-destructive ways. 


Forgiveness is NOT forgetting.  Forgiveness is NOT condoning.  Forgiveness does NOT absolve the other of responsibility for their actions.    Forgiveness is NOT for the person that hurt you…although you may certainly “give it to them.”


Forgiveness IS a decision, IS to decide to let go and move on, IS a process of healing. 


Forgiveness IS a gift that you give yourself and a pathway to freedom and peace. 


**If you need help dealing with anger or angry and toxic people in your life I highly recommend Bob Riley at www.bobrileycoaching.com. 


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